爵士!放克!周五晚空白格 Ben Misterka and Collectivity等你!

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本周五晚22:00,Ben Misterka携他的乐队登陆空白格,阵容强大,不容错过。


Guitar(吉他):Ben misterka

Drums (鼓):Nicholas McBride

Sax(萨克斯):Jean-Christophe Beney

Bass(贝斯):Damien Banzigou

Keys(键盘):Steinar Nickelsen

时间:2018年4月6日  周五 22:00

地址:中国·江苏·常州 空白格


Ben Misterka and Collectivity

Collectivity是由美国吉他手、作曲家Ben Misterka组建的一支六重奏乐队,通过即兴表达的交融来组合演绎作品。

A high energy, genre bending, superensemble of world class musicians, with a focus on exploration through collective improvisation.  Upbeat grooves, soulful guitar work, and tight arrangements are things to expect from a Collectivity show, drawing on influences from jazz/funk, gospel, and psychedelic soul.

  • Recently opened for Larry Graham at Shanghai Stadium, Jan 2017

  • Played Ulanchabu World Music Festival, Ulanchabo Stadium,Inner Mongolia- June 2017

  • Performed and toured throughout the world with several international Pop, Jazz, Rock and Fusion acts.  

  • Ben has performed with Tan WeiWei, Yu Quan, Yu ChegChing, Dou Jing Tong, Morris Hayes, many others.

Ben Misterka and Collectivity现场演出

Ben Misterka


Ben Misterka 是来自美国的吉他手、作曲家和音乐教育者。作为一位多元的音乐人,Ben丰富的旅行经历让他的音乐风格深受世界各地的音乐影响。2012年移居上海后,Ben持续创作,演出并录制他所热爱的音乐。 在中国,美国和日本Ben都有演出。合作过的知名音乐人包括创作歌手窦靖童,偶像团体羽泉、灵魂及R&B歌手Anhayla、Kimberley Nichole、和Joye B. Moore等。

Ben Misterka is an American guitarist, composer, and music educator. A versatile musican, Misterka's travels have allowed him to be influenced by music from around the world.  Relocating to Shanghai, China in 2012, he continues to write, perform, and record the music that he loves. Misterka has toured through China, Japan, and the USA, playing with many acclaimed artists.

Nicholas Mcbride


Nicholas Mcbride是来自澳大利亚堪培拉的鼓手,在上海待了14年了。在澳大利亚国立大学完成音乐学习后他搬到了悉尼,在那里的十年间作为自由职业者和当地的很多艺术家合作录制了20多张唱片,其中包括两张个人音乐唱片。2002年,Nicholas Mcbride来到上海,在新开的CJW俱乐部表演,两年后离开那里重新成为自由职业者。最近他和Red Groove Project、Karen Mok、Shunza、Dou Jing Tong、Dee Dee Bridgewater、Tia Rae以及许多其他乐队还有中国艺术家们合作,在中国曾与窦靖童、顺子、莫文蔚等大明星合作,也去一些教鼓的音乐学校和一些比赛中当老师。

Jean-Christophe Beney



他在2016年再次迁到上海,和一直在城里的绝世乐club表演,例如JZ Club, Wooden Box, Unico, The Pearl, Shake, ChairClub, 等。他也有机会参加北京、东京、广州和其他城市的表演,合作过许多不同的艺术家。

Tenor saxophone player Jean-Christophe Béney (a.k.a. JC) was born and raised in Paris, France, in a classical music family. After studying at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, he had been playing as a professional jazz musician in France from 1994 to 2006, as a sideman or for his own projects. He moved to Canada in 2006 and kept performing, composing, recording and teaching. He released until now five albums under his name containing almost exclusively original material. He has been playing in many jazz clubs and festivals in Europe and North America in the last twenty years. He moved again to Shanghai in 2016, and has been playing in town in many venues like JZ Club, Wooden Box, Unico, The Pearl, Shake, Chair Club, House of Blues & Jazz, etc. He also had the opportunity to play in Beijing, Tokyo, Guangzhou and many other cities around with many different artists.

Damien Banzigou


毛里求斯艺术家Damien Banzigou作为一名国际级知名乐手, 从15岁起就开始了他的职业贝斯手生涯。如今的他在国际上已经具有了较高的知名度,曾经与Natural Jazz共同制作的4首歌还获得了澳大利亚Music OZ奖的提名。Damien是乐队RTM的创办人,现定居于上海。同时他也有个属于自己的录音室名叫Masai Record。自2010年以来,Damien已为许多音乐家录制过唱片。

Mauritian born artist, Damien Banzigou commenced his proffessional career at the tender age of fifteen. Damien’s career as an international recognized Bass Player was first established when his talents were sort after by band Natural Jazz, onto the world-class stages of Shanghai, China from 2006.His international exposure resulted in nominations of four original songs produced with Natural Jazz at the Music Oz Awards, Australia.Founder of the band RTM (Return To Mongolia), Damien is now based in Shanghai. Owner of the recording studio,Masai Records since 2010,Damien has been recording numbers of artists and acting as a producer.

Steinar Nickelsen


来自挪威的Steinar Nickelsen是一个风琴、合成器、钢琴演奏者。他被评选为2002年度的“挪威年轻爵士音乐人”。他和不同的乐团在欧洲、亚洲和非洲进行巡演,并已经和7个乐团合作发布10张唱片。

Steinar Nickelsen from Norway is an organ, synth and piano player from Norway. He was elected “Young Norwegian jazz Musician of the year” in 2002, and has since toured in Europe, Asia and Africa with different bands. He has released 10 records with 7 different bands.




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